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Thursday, September 4, 2008

woooo peeps! terribly sorry for not posting any new entries for aeons!

company's event - "Colours of Nature 2008" has jus ended on 31 Aug. i was on duty @ our Borneo Highlands Resort every weekend, except for the 2nd last week when i took leave for my Swinburne convocation.

pictures r not in my office's computers so jus bear wif dis super plain entry for d time being :P

convocation was great! meeting all my course/ classmates.

dis coming Sunday i'll b travelin to penang & KL. our initial plan was Thailand. oh man d place is a chaos currently. we've everything paid but due to the situation in Thailand we changed our destination to penang. aih. disappointed. but a fren who had been to Penang introduced me an attraction called Bukit Genting in Penang where dey serve THAI food on a hill top. so its like tastin thai w'out goin thai! ha! :D i was soOoo lookin forward to shop in Thai ... oh well. SAFETY 1st ppl.

4 days Penang, 4 days KL ... i cant wait to go on holiday ... there'll b lots of great food awaitin me & my family in Penang! wOoo

oh well i shud watch my diet ... hav been puttin on weight durin d whole event. sheeshh T__T


Saturday, July 12, 2008

d "Rainforest World Crafts Bazaar 2008" was an eye-opener for ppl who seek inspiration :) am glad to have been dae. i wun b attendin d Rainforest Music Festival tho.

entrance filled wif reporters, photographers ... etc ppl

every1 was welcomed by this relaxing music played wif music instrument made frm bamboo. ahhh suddenly my mind flew off to Bali! :P

okay, so this craft bazaar invited artisans & crafters from different countries: india, korean, japan, indonesia, kyrgyzstan, denmark, sabah & sarawak.

Puan Sri Taib Laila was there for the opening ceremony.

these monyets belong to d "Sabah" stall. i tin those baby monkeys in d bag r reli cute lo. as if they wanna tag along wherever u go.

these bags r actually from real animal skin like cow, goat & wad else i cant remember. they belong to an Indonesian fashion label. very classy & PRICEY. each of their items costs more den hundred ... RM. <+___+>

i lurve dos rattan-woven mini clutches. so unique & lovely.

pic of a teapot ... lidat oso wanna take ah? hahaha. again, i wished i cud fly to Bali den ... T__T

how i admire d 2 korean ladies who hav very perfect complexion. their handicrafts arent cheap as well.

dats all for now. at d moment my team & i haf to do researches for our next event already. challenging job! not bad ... :)

*wave gudbye*

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

back frm d highlands! will blog bout it when im not so lazy & tired. even after extra hours of sleep ... me & my team members couldnt reli gain back our energy :( we go to work feelin tired & me ... kinda depressed & moody @ d moment. pms i guess =___= pfft. not even cakes cud help dis time....

wil b goin to Rainforest Craft Bazaar wif Angel 2mr mornin.

our BHR Padawan Challenge event is over ... im proceedin in preparin materials for our nex event ...

im so thankful to work wif nice colleagues ... otherwise d stress & workload wud haf killed me... hahaha.

gudnite for now.

depressed ...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spring again jus now. hMmm does dat make me their spokesperson already? ;-) was dae to meet up wif MeiNa (a.k.a. Banana) & WanYin (a.k.a. C Wan). i arrived earlier cos ... i wanna go MNG ... *cough cough*. okay ... n so i walked out wif a shirt & a skirt. eh ... i'll b wearin it for my convo bah. hehehe. stil long la i know ...

at 1st Banana & I sat down @ Kluang Station. after scannin tru d menu we both agreed dat they haf limited choices of drinks. we told d waiter we're waitin for a fren so not gonna order yet. we were dae ... sittin for free for like few mins den after C Wan sms-ed, sayin dat she's arrived, we walked out d cafe, leavin d waiter starin at us :D ... :X

at last we decided dat *bucks wud b a betta place for drink. time to gossip la of cos. both of dem will b leavin' on Sat ... back 2 KL for studies.

lately i've been havin OT @ work. plenty of las minute work for our BHR Padawan Nature Challenge. u shud have seen d adv in newspapers like Sin Chew. it came to my realization dat even tho my work piles up like a mountain, it doesnt matter as long as im happy workin wif my colleagues :-)

2day durin my lunch break, i went to check out a newly opened boutique jus behind my office. r dey nuts o wad?! their clothes ho ... r not branded or made of wad very gud quality materials & yet dey price their baju so expensive?! lemme tel u ... i tuk 4 pieces & try (for fun), i was shocked when i saw d price tag @ d fittin room. yesh! my mouth was wide opened ah.
  1. a knee-length shorts (brandless stuff priced by brainless ppl): RM149.90 ( ha?! gila ... even MNG not dat exp)
  2. printed tee (ok quality materialy only): RM99.90 (common la...u try to fool us isit?)
  3. sum embroidered blouse: RM99.90 (-___-|||)
when i walked out of d fittin room, d salesgirl was holdin a dozen of clothes askin me to try. i reli prefer to shop without their salesgal tryin to promote dis & dat, buggin us lidat loh. aiyo.

k la. time to zzz & rest my brain.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

shoppers shud hav known of MNG's great sales, am i right! =D i received their sms & on dat particular night i went wif cow. everything has been marked down & sum pieces r very reasonable. however i cud not make up my mind whether to buy certain items o not ... i went bac d next night =__= *ahem*

hav been eye-ing on dis cardigan for long. it was priced @ RM129! and durin d sales ... it was RM59. hehehehe. of cos i mus buy... mus :X

on d 2nd night, i bought a small sling bag. picture of it not found frm mng's site & im 2 lazy to reach out for my camera & snap a pic of it. hehe.

2 days later, i went bac Spring again. dis time wif my old fren - c wan. Spring mus hav cast a "love" spell on me. or else y im such a frequent visitor of theirs?! tel me tel me. c wan & i spent hours catching up wif our own stories.

while waitin for c wan to arrive, i headed to mng (again & again) once i stepped in2 d building. picked several pieces & lastly walk out d store empty handed. though i lurve 2 shop but i wun cincai buy even tho i oways feel like 'die-die must buy sth'.

as i walked pass esprit's store, their on-sale t shirt caught my eyes. i'm a tee person ma, wadever nice tee surely attracts me :P stil wonderin whether to buy dat piece cos its better i spend on workwear. i don like ransacking my wardrobe every mornin & end up nearly late for work. office wear if nice one expensive le u know. my wallet doest allow me to take dem home. besides, my company doest need us to wear dat formal also la. as long as smart & appropriate. who can introduce me nice boutiques? pls help ^3^

june's ending in few more days. half yr gone. wad hav u achieved?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

very bz at work lately. preparing stuff for our upcoming events & ongoing tasks. dis time i'll bring u guys to tour around my office - 1st floor. however i only snapped photos around my desk area. there's another side behind d yellow wall which u cud c frm d pic below. ceo's room is d one @ d far end.

my desk's d 1st, followed by Kel's & Angel's. 3 of us work under Marketing Manager - Mr. Tay.

er... told ya i was reli bz. i tidied up my desk after i took d pics. wads d point?! hahaha. d papers scattered around r drafts of my artwork which will b shown to ceo/ my superior. d transparent plastic box on top of d 3-layer drawer was given to me by Angel. it contains loads of samples (brochures, cards, advertisements ...etc) which she collected whenever she goes travellin to diff places.

my DIY creation. *ahem* very simple note holder. u only need a string & few clips. *lol* d tree's one of my artwork.

designin job is never ez. unlike wad our ceo thinks. *cis* majority of us download / play songs so dat we wun naik gila durin times where we're too packed. btw... dats Limewire appearin on d screen. hehe.

another shelf ...

a shelf where we keep plenty of food as in we're goin to hibernate. *lol*

our pantry provides biscuits, coffee, tea, milk & milo. but we cant eat d same food/ snacks every day bah. there's instant noodle, milkybar, crispy & few snacks hidden in my shelf. hehehe.

me n Kel's fav place to go wud definitely b Taka, Expert Food Court & Jia Jia Kopitiam. we're very very well fed in dis area =___= ... gosh.

Monday, June 9, 2008

spent 2.5 hours (9-1130 am) playin downloaded games. in between me & my colleague went out 2 buy buns/ pastries/ snacks/ ice kacang (as usual, everyday since i worked here). and soon i'm gonna gain few pounds +___+

my eyes r tired & strained (outcome of concentrating in playin d games). haha. so now i'll move on to do another 'task' - a tag by Sharon.

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?

2. Do you believe that some where there’s a magical world of unicorns,witches and etc?
Haha. ya i do, if i'm one of d fairies

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
New York

4. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
No pain & sickness in me & my parents

5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yes of course. but i doubt there's a pot of gold @ d rainbow's end

6. Do you like being who you are today?
Hmmm...sumtimes no :P

7. Would you change who you are for your lover?
Not reli. if i do, i wun b d kanga u know :P haha

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
er ...

9. Who are the top five people in the world you would wish to meet?
cant tin of any right now

10. What do you want in a relationship
Compromisation, understanding, family-oriented, friendly, kind-hearted

11. Which type of cars you love the most?
Haven tot of which model but i guess ... sports car mayb

12. Which do you prefer from your other half? Hugs? Or kisses?
Both haha

13.Who do you miss at the moment?
No one

14. What drinks do you like the most?
Lime juice, coffee + tea + milk, green apple juice, ice blended chocolate, carrot juice (dats a lot of fav drinks :D)

15. Are you a shopaholic?
Haha ... yes. which gurl isnt?

16. What kind of electronic device/gadget you own that you like most?
my simple but cannot-live-without handphone

17. What is your favorite fragrance ?

18. Are you in love?

19. If given a chance, do you want to see your future?
well, if u've known d details of yo future, life can b quite boring rite? there's no expectation/ surprise. however, i wud like to know briefly who i am in d future, where do i stand :)

20. What do you really want now?
a vacation to sum country where clothes r cheap & nice! hahaha

Monday, June 2, 2008

i've been lazy to update. hehe. dis entry will b about my Borneo Highlands trip, which was on 23 May. d purpose of us (Borneo sales office staff) going up was bcos of the staff party cum pre-gawai celebration.

friday afternoon Angel drove 4 of us up till Borneo's foothill b4 we used a 4-wheel drive to reach d highland itself. on d way of course we stopped by to hav our late lunch @ padawan.

d weather was so cool up there. of course not as cold as Genting Highlands la but cool enuf to let yo mind, body & soul relax.

main entrance

a creative key holder. which directly reflects one of our highland's image - golf course.

dis is d room i stayed in all by myself, called d "gold room" altho i din c any gold in there.

luks so cozy & romantic wif d windows closed

few of us rode took buggies to tour around. we're all Kch Sales Office staff except d most petite lady Ramona. From left - Suriana, Irene, Angeline, Me, Ramona

i only have one pic taken durin d staff party in my camera. d rest r in Angel's camera.

nex day (Sat), Irene brought me around as Angel had to entertain sum guests.

rabbits living in a hut

dis blackie lives in d long cage, diff frm d hut. d cage is jus like our 'long house. hahaha

behind me - rabbit park + flower garden

these ducks were @ d swan lake. now there's no more swan left. all mati-ed. kesian!!!

d mist was pretty thick on early Saturday morning. i got up at 6 and half an hr later i walk around d place alone, where my other colleagues were still sleeping. it was so refreshing! how i lurve d weather.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i spent d las weekend @ Damai Puri, previously known as Damai Lagoon. It has became Damai Puri after d place was fully renovated. lazy to elaborate more ... wil jus put up few pics. hehe

spotted ~ a unique woven rattan ceiling fan - fits d resort theme so well!

this is d room dat 3 of us (angeline, candida & me) stayed in. flat screen tv sum more. Damai Puri has gone so high-tech & modernized. d bed was big but angeline requested for an extra bed.

we arrived in d late afternoon of Saturday cos we worked in d morning. only to depart frm home after 3. u mus haf thought we're crazy to go 2 a beach when d weather is already burning hot in town. haha. at least it's quite windy there. kuching is like a desert now T___T pls rain plssss...

from left: 5 mths pregnant Candida (a.k.a Candy), Angeline, & me

on d way to Damai we stopped by to shop for snacks, which include ice-cream, yogurt drink, jelly, biscuits, junk food & sum more which i couldnt remember. as soon as we reached our room, we quickly dig into d bag of food :P and laze on bed, watch tv till d temperature decreased abit b4 walkin along d beach.

we had buffet dinner @ d restaurant later dat evening. we were told it was RM58 ++ and it totaled up to RM70! so expensive. food tasted nice. its jus dat dey shud prepared more varieties. we're too hungry to eat so no pictures on food.

besides d 3 of us, our colleagues who went were Cecilia & Irene. dey brought along their family.

it was a pleasant break for us away frm work.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2day's d 3rd time i had OT at work. d printer takes quite long to finish its printing tasks. dats y i had to stay til after 5 b4 heading home. d head of my team stays til around 6 everyday and she said by d time she reaches home, she's like a stone already .. .STONE! haha too tired to do anytin... dats d meaning behind.

anyways, my colleagues had planned for a Damai Puri overnite stay dis weekend. its not part of our company's events. jus a break for us. and then next week would b our company's staff party, where we'll be going up d highlands and get to spend a nite dae! *yay!* im so excited. especially d resort has just renovated almost thoroughly. hehe

people whom i have lunch wif almost everyday r not jus colleagues to me. they're becoming my frens too. u know wad im tryin to say. its like in Uni, where sum ppl r jus yo classmates & not frens. heheheh.

days ago my family & i had brunch at After3 (owned by Banquet). It was packed with lots of ppl but it didnt take long for our food to be served. however, d food ... i would rate as 1 or 2 starts out of 5. geez. so lousy. d food r cold. "Char Siew Pao" was one of d food we ordered. We asked where's our food after waitin for so long. D waitress answered us in a rude tone " today dun haf Char Siew Pao". worse is dey included Char Siew Pao in d bill & luckily we checked before paying. it was only till d 3rd time dey managed to pass us d CORRECT bill! such experience ...

wil end dis entry here. gonna watch my all time fav series Desperate Housewives! never missed d show since season 1?!